I’m Edgar Louwerse. Born in 1992 and living in the Netherlands. I love cars, especially old cars, and currently own two. Besides that, I kitesurf, like to listen to music, am getting more and more interested in photography and have recently finished my Aeronautical engineering study.

I have always been interested in technology and started taking things apart as a little kid. As I grew, my projects grew. From breaking an iron even further, to fixing my bicycles, tuning my mopeds and now slowly fixing up my classic cars.


1972 VW Beetle – Hyères beach

For a long while I didn’t have my own garage, I used to work on my car at a garage I could use from time to time or just at the parking lot of my old university. I now do rent a garage and am slowly struggling towards building the perfect shed with all the tools I need.

All my experience results from wrenching on everything I’m allowed to wrench on and an internship I did at a classic car garage. I did a welding course at the end of 2015, but that’s the only actual training I’ve had. What works best is finding the right workshop manual and a buddy to help out every now and then.