Jack and jack stands

There are many moments when it simply is necessary to get under a car. It’d be very convenient to have provisions such as a lift of any kind in the garage. I don’t have that luxury, so like most others I work with a jack and jack stands.

A jack and a set of stands should be found in every garage. Mine are from Omega and weren’t too cheap. I figure that this equipment really doesn’t allow for some cheap alternative as they really shouldn’t fail.


1972 VW Beetle – Installing lowered spindles

The jack and stands are matched up pretty well, meaning that the jack stands fit under the car fully extended when I have jacked up the car to the maximum heigth. The stands are pretty short and I still have to squirm into place. The room under the vehicle is quite limited. In the (probably not so near) future I will be getting an extra set of stands that are taller.


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