Last layer of primer

It’s been a little while since I sprayed down the first layer of primer, but this week I finally got around to the second (and last) layer! To get all the excuses for this delay out of the way: I had school, I had work, I went on a two-week holiday, I had to touch up the first layer here and there, and I wasn’t very motivated.

“Full disclosure: The first time mixing paint I made a dumb mistake.”

The second layer of primer was (not very surprisingly) very similar to the first; it all came down to preparation. I sanded down everything once more with 320 grit so the next layer would stick well. Then I cleaned the whole car with the vacuum cleaner, cheap cleaning stuff and then the expensive cleaning stuff that the paint supplier sent along.

Full disclosure: The first time mixing paint I made a dumb mistake. I forgot to bring a scale to the garage and therefore bought a special mixing beaker, which had little lines with quantities and certain mixing ratios for paint, hardener and thinner. Pretty happy with my quick solution I started pouring the paint. Then I added the hardener to the correct line. Then I (for whatever dumb reason) quickly stirred the two liquids, before adding the thinner. After that it was impossible to read the little lines or to see at what level the mixture was.

This time around went much better. I brought a scale and bought a cheap beaker. Mixing up the liquids is much easier when using a scale, maybe that’s why the pros do it that way. I rinsed out the paint gun once more and started to paint. It’s not all that exciting really. The only thing more difficult was that this time the already existing layer was the exact same colour as the new layer. I had to look at the surface at an angle to see the reflection and whether it was matte or glossy to see if I had laid down a fully covering layer.

1970 Fiat 500 - Hair in the primer

1970 Fiat 500 – Hair in the primer

It all went very well actually. No drips and a very smooth and even finish. The thing is that out of nowhere all these dust and dirt particles came flying in. I counted up to five already, with the worst being the hair (I think) that’s in the photo. The first layer of primer contained only one tiny spec of dirt. Bit of a bummer, but I’m counting it as a success.

The plan now is to let the paint dry for a couple of days. I hope to then paint the luggage compartment and inside of the front panel red at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. These will be painted red first and then I will finally be able to spot weld the front panel to the car. I read somewhere on the internet that this is the easiest way as it’d be impossible to get a paint gun in there afterwards. Makes sense.


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