Cutting off the front end of the Fiat

The garage that I’d been waiting for finally became available last week and I immediately moved in the little Fiat. I am now renting my father in law’s old garage while he moved to a larger one on the same premises. This means that apart from still being stuck with some of his stuff (as we haven’t properly moved into the new one yet), I also have all his tools laying about in my garage.

“The little Fiat however didn’t fit, it was too narrow.”

I rented a ramp truck and went to pick up the Fiat 500. While I was explained what and how everything worked on the truck, I started to wonder about whether or not it’d work out at all. The ramp truck had two plates that extended from within the bed. These plates were spaced so that most vehicles would be able to drive onto them and onto the truck. The little Fiat however didn’t fit, it was too narrow. We had to build a platform to get the Fiat on the back of the truck. It took some extra effort, but just before noon I had already unloaded her at the garage.


1970 Fiat 500 – On the ramp truck

I had also immidiately ordered a angle grinder, a welding machine, and all the small stuff you need to use those. The delivery time wasn’t too bad and by tuesday I had the car and the tools gathered in the garage, ready for action.

On wednesday I actually started working on the car. I took off all the lights that are mounted on the front panel and got all the wiring out of the way. I tried to take photos of all the connections and also labeled them just to be sure for when I need to reassemble it all. It’s an old, small car and it didn’t take long before it was time to start cutting.

The initial idea was to cut right in between the fender panels and the front panel. I believe the panels are supposed to be spot welded together, but I might be wrong on that. Just to be sure I had cut into the front panel, right next to the actual connection. With this car the panels were welded together on the top of the folded sections. This meant that I had to try and get most of the front panel parts off without damaging the fender parts too much.


1970 Fiat 500 – Front panel off of the car

It was really exciting to cut such a large piece off of the car, especially because it was my first time doing so! I feel like it went alright and I now have had a little practice for the next step, which will be much more challenging.

As you can see in the photo, the battery tray has completely disappeared and the panel below it isn’t too healthy anymore either. I just got the two repair panels delivered today and didn’t cut the lower panel as I wasn’t sure about where to cut it. This will be much more difficult as it will need to be positioned properly for the repair to work out well.

There’s a lot more to do, but I have made a great start. I can’t wait to continue!


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