Poor fitting replacement panels

After cutting the front end off of the little Fiat, I started on preparing¬†the remaining panels.¬†I got the two replacement panels in and started on cutting the battery tray panel out of the car. It’s my first time doing such a project and every cut was measured four times.

“The inner fenders are convex when looking at them from inside the luggage compartment, the replacement panel was shaped concave on those two corners. “

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Cutting off the front end of the Fiat

The garage that I’d been waiting for finally became available last week and I immediately moved in the little Fiat. I am now renting my father in law’s old garage while he moved to a larger one on the same premises. This means that apart from still being stuck with some of his stuff (as we haven’t properly moved into the new one yet), I also have all his tools laying about in my garage.

“The little Fiat however didn’t fit, it was too narrow.”

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